After losing his Kate, his high school sweetheart, in a horrific house fire Josh Higgins' life tumbles into a depressing mix of insomnia and poor choices. After taking seemingly harmless sleeping pill, Josh is thrusted from his current banal existence to one that he had lost years earlier. As the walls of his own psychosis slowly start to close in around him, Josh must race to save himself, Kate and the parallel life that he vows can never again become...lost.

Neverlost -
שחקנים: Emily Alatalo, ראיין בארט, Jennifer Polansky, Danny Bruzzi, Paul Kendall (VII), Paige Albrecht, John Cross (XVIII), Gary Biggar, Kevin Haughey, Charles McGeoghan
תסריט: Chad Archibald
בימוי: Chad Archibald
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